Working with DWS in Utah and Nevada, Voc Rehab, and LDS Employment:

individual attention for re-entry, test anxiety students..



​​Our Mission

At   ST GEORGE CNA, our mission is simple: We assist students in successfully preparing to take the Skills and Written Tests
for Utah Nursing Assistant Certification.

Certification;  It is possible to have accomplished new certification within one month of completing the CNA Course 

Items needed for class:

First day of class:  Black pen, note cards, notebook.

Highlighters;  purple, pink, green, yellow, orange, yellow, blue and black permanent marker.

Course items needed:   UNAR CNA Handbook; hard copy, blood pressure cuff and stethascope, Hunter Green          ( dark green) scrubs, watch with minute and second hands, and back pack.

School provides:  Test packet with classroom handouts. 

Use of CNA Manuel, and skills prompts for the month of course.  


April 1- April 26

May 6  -  May 31

June 3 - June 28

July 1 - July 30

(no class on July 24 )

August 5 -  August 30

Sept.  4 - Sept. 30

(no class on          Sept. 2nd)

October 7 - Nov. 5 

(no class on Oct. 31)

Nov. 4  -  Dec.  3

(no class on                 Nov. 28& 29 )

Dec. 2  - Dec. 31

(no classes on       Dec. 24 & 25  )